10 sentence story challenge

This story challenge is for you to write a story in 10 sentences.

You must include the phrase ” It was so cold that…..”

Good luck.

15 Responses to 10 sentence story challenge

  1. gemma gilday says:

    i went to the beach and i had good time

  2. gemma gilday says:

    last winter my parents, my sister and i drove to inverness to visit family.
    We had agreat time, i got to spend time with my cousins i hadn’t seen for over a year.
    we built snowmen in the garden and then had hot chocolate to warm ourselves up.
    when it was time to go home we said goodbye and got in the car, we set off in the afternoon so it was light.
    We were driving for about an our when suddenly the car broke down, dad had to call the AA to come fix the car, we all had to get out of the car because it was dangerous to sit in it incase some one didn’t see us and crashed into us.
    It was so cold that i could’nt feel my toes, luckily we had warm clothes.
    Eventually the AA came and fixed our car after waiting an hour.
    We were happy to be on our way home.
    I don’t know how long it took to get home because i fell asleep in the car.
    when i woke up i was hungry so dad got us a mcdonalds and popcorn to watch a film.

  3. Amina ahmed says:

    it was cold and freezing outside and I kept worm

  4. Amina ahmed says:

    At the winter it was so cold that I was freezing I didn’t liked the cold I had the heater on to be warm. I went to a show the show was called the mouse and the cat I liked when the cat was chasing the mouse and I liked when the mouse gone around the cat it was good I had some sweets and a popcorn. We went outside after the show then we went to the water it was ice then we began to skate because the water was ice it was fun my brother kept falling.

  5. emma elmvalep4 says:

    One day i went ice skating during the christmas holidays. It was so cold that all the pudles turned into ice , witch caused me to slip and break my ankel . I had to go to the hospital and get a big opperation on my foot . I was so scared that i was going to miss christmas but lukely i was out in time . It was annoying because i had to use crutches to help me get around during the holidays. When i went back to school all my friends were asking me what happened and i told them i sliped on the ice. i didn’t have a chance to run or play at lunch time. the class felt bad for me so they made me a card and they all signed it. I took the card home and showed my mum and dad and they sayed that was very thoughtful of them to do that for me . To make it up to me they took me and all my friends ice skating because i never got a chance to do it before christmas.

  6. mary says:

    it was frezzing outside yesterday and my sister was at home in bed and i was at school.

  7. mary says:

    In a deep dark night there lived a bat called Rat she was really small and really black as as the back sky.it was Rat’s frist day to go to nursery Rat thought that she would not make friends.She was veary scerd. Don’t worry said Rat’s mum your cuzzen Mouse will be there now get some sleep.The next day was the biggist day ever and Mouse.by kids see yous later.Oh silly me i left your pack lunch Rat.I’ll come back see yous later by.Here we go no i’m scerd said Rat.Hello use two my name is mrs D wots your name my name Rat my name is Mouse.are we new mrs D yes yous are.Let me interjoos yous to your nursery mates. Everyone atenchun let me interjoos yous to your two new nursery mates this is Rat and Mouse.Oh and make them feel cufstbul Rat and Mouse make your selfs feel cufstbul so go and have fun injoy use two.hello sorry to interruped use if use are bissy mrs D this is Rat’s and Mouse’s lunch box thnk you rrrrrrrrrrr lunch time everyone Rat and Mouse your mum and your anty Le Mouse she came and shje gave me you lunch boxss.Rrrrrrrrrrr home time byyyyyyyyy children MUM MUM ANTY LE ANTY LE .Are we going to nursery tommorow yes you are YES. Now use two go to sleep tomorow good morning.

  8. mary says:

    Mrs Darcy i would like to make a story that have more words in it.

  9. mary says:

    Mrs Darcy i would like to make anothere story.

  10. joris and paige says:

    Last summer we went to the beach.We had ice cream and played in the sand. It was fun. We went on a roller coaster. Next we went shopping it was so cold that we had to go home. The next morning the sun came out agin we went to the park.We played on the swings. We played with the ball in the park.we walked home.

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